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Improve your cleaning regime


Plan, Manage and Control an Effective Cleaning Regime

Floor cleaning can cause OR prevent slip accidents. If you measure and monitor slip risk before and after cleaning you will be able to improve cleaning and reduce risks.

  • Cleaning fluids are not always left on the floor long enough to remove grease or clean properly

  • Measuring the slip risks before and after cleaning helps you plan the most effective frequency and method for cleaning

Avoid Risks During/After Cleaning

  • Depending on the wet slip risk, you may need to keep people off the floor until it is fully dry

  • Slip testing can tell you if a tiny residue of water will leave the floor dangerous

  • Your cleaning staff may be safer wearing effective (properly tested )slip resistant footwear

Changes to the Cleaning Regime

  • Slip testing can help you to plan the timing, the frequency and the method of cleaning

  • Slip testing can help you to adopt “green” cleaning methods that are effective

  • If cleaning materials /methods are changed, monitor the effect on the slip risk of your floors


Did you know?: On some floors, one tiny drop of water can be enough to cause a slip accident.


Avoid risks... test floors before/after cleaning

  • Carelessly mopping may spread oil or grease to create a higher risk of slipping

  • Cleaning machines used with the inappropriate pads may have a polishing effect that increases slip risk over time

  • Mopping a floor while people are still in the area can cause unnecessary slipping risk

  • Cleaning fluids can deposit a residue that may increase slip risk (if not rinsed away)

  • De-greasing floor cleaning products needs time to work. Slip testing will help you to determine the optimal method of use

  • Silicone polish applied to furniture or glass may fall onto the floor surface and lie un-noticed till someone slips



Floor cleaning can cause OR prevent slip accidents. Don’t let your cleaners slip up.


Slip Risk Table


If you measure the wet slip risk of your floor and find it safe enough for the use of the floor, then it important for your cleaning to maintain that level of risk and prevent the level of risk from rising. Poor cleaning or over-polishing may cause the level of risk to rise to an unacceptable level.



SlipAlert Test Value (STV)

< 130

130 - 136

137 - 160

161 - 179

> 180

Wet Slip Risk

Low Risk

Low Risk



High Risk

Suitable for

Very Wet

Wet Areas

Transitional Areas - can occasionally become wet

Areas kept largely dry

Dry Areas








> 40

39- 36

35 -24

23 - 19



(Co-efficient of Friction)

> 0.40

0.39- 0.36

0.35 - 0.24

0.23 - 0.19




Easy to check floors are clean...

Greasy floors have poor slip resistance. Its not always easy to spot grease on a floor and it doesn't always get cleaned properly. With SlipAlert you can test floors after cleaning or whenever there is a minor slip. You should get a very consistent result on a clean dry floor. So if you get a different result you'll know its worth another clean.

watch SlipAlert on wet and dry floor - see the difference

regular testing saves lives


Prove and improve your cleaning regime

Poor cleaning can leave invisible grease on your floors. Keep me in your cleaning cupboard. Use me to keep your floors safe. Whenever there is a minor slip use me to check the floor.

Prevent serious slip accidents

SlipAlert users get free advice on managing slip risks. We help you to introduce a floor safety regime that fits around your business and the way you work. We help you to measure and reduce serious slip accidents. You can reduce serious slip accidents.SlipAlert users report up to 100% reduction in serious slip accidents.


Are your floors safe?...

Are you responsible for the safety of staff or customers? Slipping and tripping is the biggest cause of accidents, but until now it has been difficult to proactively test floors. With SlipAlert it's childsplay. In a matter of minutes you can test floors, wet or dry, before or after cleaning, and know if they are dangerous.


you can stop slip accidents

Are you responsible?...

If your floors are a slip hazard, then you are putting lives at risk. Slipping and tripping accidents are common. They often lead to more serious problems and most are preventable. You can save money, time and protect people by regularly ensuring your floors are checked with a SlipAlert.

What can I do if my floors are a slip hazard?...

With SlipAlert you will know how safe all your floors are (new or old) and how they change over time. You can easily monitor the effectiveness of your cleaning regime and know when it is time for a deep clean, an anti-slip treatment or a new floor. Don't wait for serious slip accident.


SlipAlert... time to invest in your safety

SlipAlert is the first and only accurate way to test floors both wet and dry that is portable, easy to use and affordable. It will save you money and reduce the risk of accidents and large compensation claims.



Explore our website and find out how and why SlipAlert was developed, what makes it a world beater and why you need SlipAlert in your place of work.



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Guide to Slip Prevention

The links below reflect the links on the pages of the Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention.

Slip Prevention Extra Detail

Order Your Pocket Guide

The printed version of the Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention is a free publication designed to help you to manage slip risk. Contact SlipAlert


SlipAlert 3 steps to floor safety

3 steps to floor safety

The best way to keep your floors safe. Now from just £50 per month

Sell safe flooring?...

If you sell anti-slip floor treatments or floor cleaning services, then you need to have a SlipAlert and you should encourage your customers to have one too. Contact us now.


Floor maintenance is an opportunity to reduce slip accidents an effective cleaning regime that you can easily manage that also reduces slip accidents save money on floor maintenance save money on your cleaning without sacrificing floor safety save time monitoring an effective cleaning regime Save Time when purchasing, specifying, installing a new floor Slips can be a big headache for H&S managers, now you can save time and enjoy easy ways to improve floor safety SlipAlert helps many aspects of operations management and that can save you time and avoid needless operations headaches Using SlipAlert to check new floors will save you time and money and will reduce slip accidents SlipAlert can save you money and reduce the headaches that slips cause for Operations Managers Save money and implement more effective H&S policies that reduce slip risk SlipAlert can help you to improve floor maintenance, improve floor safety and reduce costs saves you money when specifying, buying or installing a new floor Helping Ops managers to reduce slip risk,  reduce slip accidents and reduce slip injuries Helping H&S managers to raise awareness of slip risks and implement effective policies that reduce slip accidents new floor: save time, save money, prevent slip accidents SlipAlert saves you time with new floors, floor maintennace, H&S, Ops, and floor maintenance floor safety home

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