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21st Century Slip Testing. Protect your business from slip risks...

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21st Century Slip Prevention

In the past, there were slip measures that don't work like real slips and there was the Pendulum. Now there is a new British Standard slip measure that is fast and easy. Now, you can easily make all of your floors much safer.


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Test Floors Fast


Now you can measure and monitor floor slip risk in seconds. testing a floor takes just a few seconds and each measure is avaraging across an area of floor. The result... easy measures of slip risk that correlate well with the Pendulum but take 1/100th of the time. Making it easy for anyone in your team to gather slip risk data. You can try SlipAlert for a month or 2 and see for yourself.


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Understand Risks


Once you understand the risks, it is easy to appreciate where slipping accidents and injuries may occur.


We can help teach your teams to appreciate slip risk and also how to manage and reduce slip risk. The data you gather form each test will allow you to monitor and manage the changing risk.


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Manage and Reduce Risks


With SlipAlert, you will also discover easy ways to manage and reduce slipping risks. With Slipalert and the 3-layer model you will know how safe each floor is when its clean and dry or wet or in normal use. You will be able to manage out risks by making cahnges to the floor or contamination control or cleaning or by imtroducing sfaty shoes where appropriate.


We offer unique programmes that are guaranted to reduce slip injuries in your buisness.


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