Convenience Store Chain Case Study


SlipTest met with the Maintenance Manager of a National Chain of Convenience stores with concerns over the number of slip incidents being reported in some stores, the Maintenance Manger also shared concerns around the complexities of managing this as there were numerous types of floor across the portfolio, so one sized did not fit all. In addition, budget was another constraint when addressing this problem, due in part, to the high number of stores in the portfolio.


It was decided to initially focus on the stores reporting the highest number of incidents. SlipTest carried out testing across a sample of these stores to get a good view of the problems they were facing.

It was apparent that across the portfolio, the cleaning regimes employed at each store differed somewhat. Some stores used regular contracted cleaners, whilst others were left to their own devices. Similarly, the cleaning equipment and products used differed across the portfolio. These differences were having a notable impact on the slip resistance of the floors.

SlipTest worked with the customer to establish a manageable cleaning regime that would be effective at keeping the floor surfaces clean, and of good slip resistance. New cleaning equipment and product was delivered where necessary, and store staff were retrained and reminded of their responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the floors in their store.

SlipTest collated all test results across the portfolio building a picture of slip resistance and identifying the stores that needed the most help in addressing this. In addition, a summary of observations from across the stores was presented back to the customer, this document proved a very useful tool as it could be escalated internally and included the evidence to support why this action was needed.

The Maintenance Manager said

“SlipTest acted as a second pair of eyes, highlighting any issues with the flooring in the stores, this approach was invaluable as many issues had gone unnoticed, as for many staff members, these issues had always been there and that’s just the way things were. Our reported slip incidents have reduced which is great to see” 

Example of the sort of findings: Degradation and wear of the floor in store, that had gone unnoticed by staff for some years, but once highlighted it was rectified in a very timely manner.



Reported slip accident figures have largely, reduced across all problem stores - saving the business time, protecting their reputation, and ultimately saving money.

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