A look at the Summer Slip Risk 

Across the board this summer, SlipTest have seen an improvement on wet slip risk (on average) compared to previous years. We can put this down to the especially dry summer months we have experienced this year. As the graph below demonstrates the entire SlipTest portfolio as a whole has recorded a low risk of slip in both wet and dry conditions.

Slip Risk Graph

What this tells us, is that the cleaning regimes and measures in place, are really effective for the dry weather conditions.  As the wetter weather arrives, ensure your cleaning regimes and measures are altered to reflect this, to safeguard these results.

Measures to minimise slip risk in the wetter months:

  • Regularly clean up leaves and other debris from floors.
  • Clean your mats daily to pick up dirt & grit.
  • Are your mats long enough?
  • Leave floors dry after cleaning and ensure relevant signage is out to warn people.
  • Clean up more regularly to prevent slippages.
  • Ensure sufficient lighting.

If you need help managing your slip risk as the seasons change then get in touch.