Are food and drinks consumed on your property? Do you know the impact of spillages on your slip risk? 

Do you know the correct method for cleaning up spilt coffee?  Would you recognise how it might behave on your surface if it hasn’t been cleaned up correctly?

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* Simply wiping the coffee off the floor is not effective. Although to the eye the coffee residue is now invisible, what you have done is spread the invisible grease around the floor. This makes the contaminated area larger and the slip risk greater.

* If this area of contamination, that is invisible to the eye, then becomes wet, the slip risk increases even further, making the risk higher again to pedestrians walking on the surface. An effective cleaning regime is key to cleaning up spillages effectively.

* Use a degreaser to clean the floor surface to ensure the fat is broken down and the slip risk is returned to normal. Different types of contamination require different cleaning methods.  It is important to know which is the correct method.

* Ensure you have allowed sufficient drying time after cleaning the surface, leave wet floor signs out for about 15 minutes. It is important to not leave these signs out longer than necessary in instances where the risk is no longer present, as it will start to become disregarded and seen as part of the furniture!