SlipTest explore the changing population and what impact this could have on slip risk?

The shape of our population is changing as people start to live longer. In 1976 there were c.7.98million people in the UK aged 65 and over this grew a massive 48% by 2016 to11.82million. Predictions say that by 2046 there will be 18.86million people aged 65 or over.

So, with more people aged 65 or over the average life expectancy is rising too as per the table below.

Life expectancy at birth by gender:


The number of people aged 65 and over that fall is much higher than in younger age brackets, in fact 1 in 3 people aged 65 or over fall each year on average and this figure rises to 1 in 2 for age 80 and over (NHS confederation)

So, with the number of people at higher risk of falling increasing we really need to consider this and take even more precautions to reduce the risk of slips, trips or falls on our premises.

But it doesn’t stop there what other considerations should we be making when addressing slip risk?

We must consider our population as a whole when addressing slip risk, we must look at those at the highest risk of a slip, trip or fall and set the standards to meet their needs as the precedent.

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    Did you know?

    So far this year slips have cost society at least:



    of all accidents to the public are slips and trips.