The SlipTest Process

Read about each of the stages of Slip Testing we undertake for our customers.

Our comprehensive Slip Injury Test Report and Risk Analysis service is second to none and sets the standard for the industry for floor testing. Our customers have the complete reassurance of accurate results and a complete Slip and Trip Safety Audit.

Typically one of our 6 monthly site visits will cover:

1. Risk Analysis

Using Health and Safety Executive approved floor testing methods, this highlights any potential areas for improvement or special concern and provides a rating on overall safety.

2. Slip and Trip Audit

A thorough examination covering all aspects of Slip and Trip Safety including the cleaning regime, de-watering areas, potential contamination and more...

3. Floor Testing and Measurement

Trained staff using calibrated equipment to BS standards take accurate measurements from various sites and angles, building a comprehensive picture of the Slip Resistance of your floor surfaces.

4. Slip Injury Test Report

We then compile an exhaustive Test Report clearly indicating the sites tested, the measurements taken, risk classifications and any recommendations for improvement. These results form an approved scientific benchmark on the safety of your floors.

5. Certificate

Certificate to demonstrate floors have been tested and meet the required standards. This can be used with H&S and insurance auditors to demonstrate testing has taken place.

6. Floor Stickers and Window Graphics

If appropriate for your premises, we can provide window and floor stickers to be displayed, acting as a deterrent against fraudulent claimers and also acting as a precaution to remind people to take care.

7. Consultation Services

We do not simply test floors and go, we work with our customers on finding a solution to improve or maintain results. With no affiliation to any other product or service you can rest assured we will solve the problem based on only finding the right solution for you and will look at all aspects that could impact the risk of a Slip, Trip or Fall. Advice extends to the state and appropriateness of matting, the cleaning regime and other factors which might affect the performance of the floor and risk of a Slip, Trip or Fall.

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    Did you know?

    So far this year slips have cost society at least:



    of all accidents to the public are slips and trips.