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A step change in floor safety. SlipAlert is faster, easier and more versatile than Pendulum slip testing. SlipAlert measures slip risk, results correlate with Pendulum Test Values (PTV) and Coefficient of Friction (CoF). SlipAlert is guaranteed to accurately assess slip risks. You can reduce slipping accidents, slip injuries and slip claims.

Did you know?

So far this year slips have cost society at least:



of all accidents to the public are slips and trips.

Slip Risk Changes

Wear, contamination and the effects of cleaning and maintenance can significantly alter the slip resistance of your floors. Even good quality anti-slip floors can change over time. Don't wait till someone falls to test your floors.

Be Proactive

The only way to be proactive is to monitor slip risk regularly. Regular testing with SlipAlert can be done by anyone on any floor. Proactive testing will tell you about the performance of your floor and about the effectiveness of cleaning and maintenance. Don't just buy safety flooring, buy safe floors by testing the slip risk before you buy. Maintain safer floors by monitoring cleaning and maintenance. Be proactive.

SlipAlert and Safer Floors

SlipAlert is one of only two British Standard floor slip test machines and the only one designed for quick and easy monitoring. Stopping slips made easy.

Designed to be easy and accurate

We design, manufacture and sell the world's most user friendly slip test machine. It is designed for ease of use so that anyone can conduct your slip testing. SlipAlert delivers management information about your floors, about cleaning about maintenance and about changes to slip risk. We make it easy for you to manage slip risk in your business.

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Customer Testimonials

I believe that the SlipAlert has been a good investment, and it is a valuable tool for us in the fight against slippery floors and flooring.
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Mike Cox - Sainsbury's
SlipAlert exactly suited our needs, easy to use, with consistent accurate readings, an excellent product
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Barry Flynn - Driflor.com
SlipAlert ... is easy to handle and use and gives on the spot indication as to the condition of the surface
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Robert Brown, MD - Degafloor.com
We recommend our clients and distributors to use SlipAlert because of its ease of use and more importantly it is the only portable slip test machine to correlate with the British Pendulum
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Paul Webb - Stop Slip Ltd
SlipAlert has allowed us to significantly improve our service to customers by offering quick, reliable slip tests on site and on custom made samples of floor systems. The advantages over other systems are clear - SlipAlert is truly portable, accurate, reliable, simple to use and is not prone to operator error. We think SlipAlert is great!
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Alex Dennis, MD - Remmers (UK) Limited