Floor Slip Testing

Test in accordance with BS8204.

Proactive testing, floor monitoring a risk reduction programmes, quicker, more comprehensive and better value slip testing.

If you have slippery floors, we can help. SlipAlert is the well established British Standard slip test. We can help you with the best independent slip testing. We also sell SlipAlert so that you can measure and monitor the slip risk of your own floors. Try the best floor slip testing = guaranteed.

Slip test services for all floors

Fast, efficient, and better value than other slip test services. Our slip testing uses the latest British Standard slip test equipment. It is faster and more accurate than other slip tests and you get more valuable information about the slip risk of your floors. Using SlipAlert to test the slip risk of floors is quick and easy and helps you to reduce costs and make floors safer.

Best Value Slip Testing

SlipAlert is the well established 21st century method of slip testing. It is quicker, easier and more accurate than other slip tests. So we spend more time analysing the slip risk of your floors and less time wasted setting up cumbersome old fashioned equipment. If you want the very best slip testing for legal reasons, for accident investigation or for preventing potential slip accidents then contact us now. protect your business properly. Book the best slip testing.

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    Did you know?

    So far this year slips have cost society at least:



    of all accidents to the public are slips and trips.

  • Flooring Uses

    Kitchen floors
    Leisure Centre Floors
    School + University Floors
    Sports flooring
    Stations and Airports
    Commercial flooring
    Car Parks
    Paths, Paving, Decking

    Floor Materials

    Stone Floors
    Wood Floors + Coatings
    Ceramic Tiles
    Natural Tile Floors
    Terrazzo Flooring
    Resin Floors
    Vinyl Flooring
    Concrete Floors
    Metal surfaces


    Management reporting
    Quality risk assessments
    Slip Prevention
    Improved cleaning
    Improved maintenance
    Slip Accident Investigation
    Legal + Compliance
    Monitoring Changes

    The best slip testing

    Other slip test companies will try to sell you slip testing with out of date or inaccurate slip testing. SlipAlert and the Pendulum are the only 2 British Standard slip tests… but SlipAlert is designed to be portable and accurate on all floors. the Pendulum, is bulky, difficult to transport and slow. It requires an expert user and even then the results can easily be wrong. Our slip testing is the most accurate and most comprehensive. With SlipAlert we can take many measures across your floor and look for variations or areas of slip risk. While the Pendulum tester is still setting up, we will have taken dozens of tests (that would take days with a Pendulum). SlipAlert results convert quickly to Pendulum Test Values (PTV) and Coefficient of friction (CoF).

    Independent slip testing or DIY Slip Testing

    Slip testing floors with SlipAlert is quicker, more comprehensive and costs far less than any comparable slip testing. We guarantee to provide a more thorough slip test and a more detailed slip prevention report at a lower price than anyone else.

    With SlipAlert it takes seconds to test each of your floors, measure the slip resistance (coefficient of friction), and determine which floors are safe and which require careful managing. For details of independent slip testing services, please read this page or contact SlipAlert.

    Slippery Floors at Work!

    Every business nightmare… a customer or member of staff slips and is injured.

    Slippery floors result in LOSSES due to preventable slip fall injuries. Slippery floors can cost far more than you might think.

    • Loss of Money (excess, increasing insurance premiums)

    • Loss of More Money (litigation, OH&S compliance)

    • Loss of Key Personnel

    • Loss of Productivity

    • Loss of Time

    • Loss of Reputation

    SlipAlert Slider Pads

    SlipAlert can be used with different slider pads to suit different purposes. These include:

    4S Slider/Slider 96

     (comes with special instructions for precision testing)

    Specially formulated by the Rubber And Plastics Research Association (RAPRA) for use with the Pendulum. The UK HSE recommends the use of the 4S slider with SlipAlert for optimal correlation with Pendulum results. 

    SlipAlert Durable Slider/Standard Rubber Slider

    Our most popular slider pad, cheaper and designed for durability, this slider still has excellent correlation with Pendulum test results and is most commonly used for pedestrian footfall.

    TRL Slider/Slider 55

    Used to simulate soft rubber or bare feet. Often used in wet leisure testing (pools, shower rooms, changing rooms)

    BS 8204

    SlipAlert the well established British Standard slip test

    SlipAlert (BS8204)and the Pendulum (BS EN 13036-4:2003, formerly BS 7976) are the only two slip tests that appear in British Standards. The Pendulum was designed in 1930 and is slow, old and difficult to use.

    SlipAlert the well established British Standard slip test appears in BS8204 SlipAlert is designed to build on the success of the Pendulum. It provides accurate measures of slip risk in dry, wet, or contaminated conditions.


    SlipAlert is faster and easier to use and far easier to transport and use than the Pendulum. SlipAlert measures can be taken in seconds and each measure gives an instant indication of the slip risk of the floor. The digital output and ease of use makes SlipAlert a far more reliable measure.