About SlipAlert

Committed to improve floor safety, working with your business to reduce slip injuries

SlipAlert Vision, Aims, and goals

SlipAlert offers a way to significantly reduce accidents that is accessible and affordable for all commercial organisations. We like to create a measurable drop in serious slip accidents.

With your help, we aim to significantly reduce slipping accidents, and serious slip injuries.

We'd like every commercial building to have a certificate of slip risk and a slip prevention plan... in the same way that commercial buildings already have a fire certificate, and fire officers

SlipAlert helps promote good practice with the best: flooring suppliers, Health & Safety Consultants, anti-slip treatment companies, cleaning companies.

• We hope to prevent up to a third of serious slip accidents

• a SlipAlert in every commercial building. Achievable and very worthwhile

• SlipAlert helps: flooring suppliers, Health & Safety Consultants, anti-slip treatments, cleaning companies

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    Did you know?

    So far this year slips have cost society at least:



    of all accidents to the public are slips and trips.

  • SlipAlert allows you to take control of floor safety

    You can test floors in seconds. You can get an accurate measure of slip risk and when you take action to reduce the slip risk, you can monitor the effects of the change to your floors. Isn't it time you tried the world's best tribometer?

    Simple measures of slip risk

    The SlipAlert provides simple measure of slip risk. If your floor measures below 130 in all conditions there is a very low risk of slipping. PTV (Pendulum Test Values) and CoF (Coefficient of Friction) can both be converted into STV (SlipAlert Test Values) or vice-versa.

    Proactive Slip Prevention

    Regular monitoring of slip risk enables your business to become proactive in slip prevention. You do not need to wait till people start slipping and falling. You can take action today. Please contact us for details of how we can help you to reduce accidents.

    SlipAlert Customer Service

    We aim to provide customer service that is second to none. When you buy SlipAlert not only do you own the best slip tester of its kind in the world, but you are also just a phone call away from help and advice on slip matters from experts.

    The SlipAlert Results Graph

    You can easily convert SlipAlert Test Values to PTV (Pendulum Test Values) or to CoF (Coefficient of Friction). If you need a more precise conversion then please contact SlipAlert.

    SlipAlert Results Graph OL 01